worn-socks-addicted-4k-wantfeet.mp4 [1.05GB] - Dirty socks turn you into the perfect sock puppet, willing to do whatever you want. These white ankle socks will push you right over that edge. Just imagining them in your hands to lick, sniff, touch will leave you putty in my hands, susceptible to whatever whim I have. That's where you like to be, though, under my dirty socks as a good sock bitch! Now get to sniffing, and maybe I will let you cum! Mmm the essence of my sweaty socks after a long day, and these perfect goddess feet that drive you wild and make you insanely weak. What a perfect combination, right! My feet make you so horny and you love it when I tease you with them, making you stroke that cock for your biggest weakness! Taylor is 29 years old gorgeous woman with 6 (36 EU) size perfectly shaped sexy feet and soles. She is 5’0” (150 cm) sexy girl 99 LBS (45 KG). She is a sexy lady with high arches and short toes. Hope you are ready to lock yourself up and worship these perfect socket feet!. You will absolutely drool at sight of Taylor's smelly socks. The video is MP4 (H.264) encoded at 3840×2160 4K resolution. Exclusive models, only at our website.

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