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angry-giantess-puts-you-in-place-roxannemiller.mp4 [292.44MB] - Hey guys, so this was a custom order with the following instructions that I'm sure you'll enjoy: "So the idea for the giantess, was more of me shrinking. The general idea I had was, I enjoy your bust but think you could be bustier. So you spitefully slip me something in my drnk, causing me to shrink. Some roleplay of being angry, asking if you were big enough now as you sufocate the lens. I figured you could start off by, talking and just mentioning, I know you want me to get an enlargement, and I'm sure we'll come to a compromise honey. Hands me the drnk or something like that, then cut to you towering over me. Pick me up and places me about chest height, then you begin to get pushy. I figured Id change you, and you'll treat me right when you're down to size. Can smther me with your breasts. Close ups of nipples and general breast play is encouraged".

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