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step-daddy-s-friend-4k-uhd-amedee-vause.mp4 [730.81MB] - It's such a strange happening that you chose to drop by while my step-dad's not at home. You knew he isn't at home, right? Don't try to pretend you didn't, you most surely did. Who drops by nowadays without calling first? Didn't you call him to announce you're going to come here? I really doubt. I think, and that's just my theory, correct me if I'm wrong, I think you came here knowingly, to find me home alone. That was your plan from the very beginning. I know you, you're a friend of my step-father, so you knew I'd open the door for you. Oh, you just wanted to wait here for my step-father to return, right? I think you want something from me. You think I trust you, as step-dad's friend. I don't. How can you look into my step-dad's eyes having such a dirty secret? How can you be his friend while wanting, craving to fuck his little step-daughter? You thought you'd find a young, naïve girl, an easy prey for your insatiable desires, a little deer-eyed girl ready to comply and afraid of older men, easy to manipulate and gaslight. You met me only in the presence of my step-father before, so you saw only the sweet, polite side of myself until this very moment. Well, mister, you couldn't be more wrong. I know everything you want from me and I sense your hypocrisy. You're lucky that I like you, otherwise you should have been dealing with step-dad. I'll allow you to jerk off for me, in front of me, to just tease and tackle your sick desires. And I won't allow you to cum until the very moment step-daddy's at the door, to teach you the lesson you needed to be taught. Keywords: amedee-vause, amedeevause, masturbation-instruction, jerk-off-instructions, JOI, brat, bratty, mean-girl, taboo, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, humiliation, pervert-humiliation, slutty, solo-girl, solo-female, 4K-UHD.

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