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asian-penthouse-models-public-erotica-novapatra.mp4 [641.85MB] - The Nova Patra team has produced an incredibly sexy film featuring 2018 Penthouse Pet Cover Model Alex De La Flor alongside the 2017 Penthouse Cyber Cutie Nova Patra herself in this risque, aesthetic pleaser. Directed by Lake Okane this film is nothing short of spectacular and will no doubt be one of the hottest vids on Manyvids this year. The film starts out with Alex and Nova at the boardwalk carnival. They strut around the park in their sexy outfits. The two Asian Penthouse Models decide they want to ride the Ferris Wheel. As they go round and round the two can't keep their hands off of each other. They start masturbating each other right on the Ferris Wheel in broad daylight. The perverseness is real as the two rub each other off while keeping a straightface as they spin around the wheel passing by strangers and ride engineers at the bottom. There is a great reaity feel yet the art direction is very erotic and sexy. This is a very fappable film. These girls are so hot you will dream of fucking them both. The film begins to transition in to a new scene where the two girls are playing with each other in the rain. Kissing, touching, caressing, licking, it's amazing. Their bodies are so tight, so petite, their perfect Asian asses being drizzled with rain. Their touch each other and makeout endlessly, the chemistry with these two is very good. They clearly are into each other and are getting off in the scene. They both spend time playing with their own pussies and also with each others. Don't miss out on one of the top ManyVids Asian Girl Girl videos of the year! //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// WHO IS NOVA PATRA?????????????????????????? //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Nova Patra is an Asian Webcam Model from Canada turned Youtuber and Independant Porn Producer alongside her partner Lake Okane the two are considered some of the top producers on ManyVids. Nova Patra won the 2018 Innovator of the year award here on ManyVids. The two have produced some of the hottest Asian porn on the site. They are a dynamic duo who can produce, write and fuck. They are pros and bring a lot of quality to the Asian Porn genre. Nova Patra has worked with many other top creators including: Alex De La Flor, Ryan Bread, Sleepy Chew, Ms Louise, Moth, Holly Beth and Others. Nova Patra is a self-proclaimed Asian Content Creator Without Borders. She not only produces some of the hottest Asian Porn but also is popular on many other platforms including Twitch, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. It's easy to find her on any platform just search for 'NovaPatra'. Nova Patra Films are synonomous with Hyper-Reality, Gaming Porn and Hot Asian Fucking. Her most notorious film is 'Forgets to Turn off Her Twitch Stream and Faps' which has gone viral multiple times and has even been mentioned Youtubers such as Pewdiepie. Nova Patra is known internationally and has many cult followings. If you like asian girls or asian porn then you will liike the content produced by Nova Patra

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